Photo-Rosary And Litany Garden-Athirampuzha Church

I have captured images of this beautiful Rosary and Litany Garden in St. Mary’s Forane Church, Athirampuzha, Kottayam, Kerala state, India. This garden display all the mysteries of holy rosary, litany. Also display The wedding feast of Cana, The annunciation, The visitation, The Birth of Jesus, The Presentation of Jesus,  Jesus Baptism in the Jordan, Jesus in the Temple, The Institution of the Eucharistic, Jacob’s well, The Transfiguration etc. This is really a good effort and good work.

Click below links for more photos/videos of Athirampuzha Church – world renowned pilgrim centre.

St. Mary’s Forane Church                              Photo – Athirampuzha Church

Photo – St. Sebastian’s feast                          Dazzling display of fireworks

Chenda Melam                                                  Shinkari Melam – Kerala Women

School Girls Band Set                                       St. Sebastian’s Feast

Beautiful Piyata Tableau                                 St. Sebastian’s Feast – Jan.24

St. Sebastian’s Feast – Jan.25-Part I            St. Sebastian’s Feast – Jan.25-Part II

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