Is child a product of parents? Is abortion a sin?

Is there life? Is it sent by God…..

I would like to share a short, but nice video sermon by Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil. Through him, the message of God has already reached several families and nations, vide his discourses through retreats, television, web radio, books, booklets, CDs and cassettes. Known as the Deliverance Minister, Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan is the founder and director of Sehion Ministries, Palakkad, Kerala State, India.

I have note down the sermon as far as possible.

Without spiritual or physical limitations,  thus a complete, a perfect world. Is that what you are expecting?
Those who have less eye-sight, how many of them are living without glasses ? How so many, with less hearing capacity keeping one or other thing in their ears and living ? Dear brethren, look, who is perfect, either mental defect or spiritual defect, otherwise, some physical defects. Dear brethren, this world is not only for those who are perfectly healthy, that is what God is saying. In the supreme wisdom of God to maintain this world some trees, some rivers alone are needed, that’s not how God thinks ! This world due to the weight of misdeeds so such even when the very foundation is shaking and  swinging and still this world turns to exist like a hut, is also because of the lives of innocents. This must be understood ! Therefore, the Lord of hosts leaves behind innocent children for us is to extend the duration of life of this world. For the repentance of maximum people in the plan of God, God is calling innocents to join His endurance. The child means, it is not the product of parents…! Just like a product from a company, removing the defect ones and the ones which have scratches, sending only perfect ones just like only export quality ones. Do not be under the impression that these children are simply such products of parents about this matter. The church is teaching thus :Youcat 418. 419  ‘ Each child is an existence, having own soul, created anew by God ,,!’ It is not parent’s wealth, neither the claim of parents, nor the belongings of parents. What is meant by child ! Dear brethren, no house, no money, thinking of such matters the manner of closing doors of life in the family, the manner of aborting children in the family, the manner of aborting the foetus, in the family, in the presence of God as the owners of sins which cry out. Transforming each of our families, our parishes, transforming this place. If live for five days or fifty years, it is the same way that too, if lives with all organs or live with no organs, if comes just as a lump of flesh, it is the same way, if there is life? The awareness of this Word of God each faithful, each young man, each young woman, each head of the family, each house-wife should keep in mind. So  the Mother Church desires.


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