Illumination reflection in the pond water – Night time – Photo challenge

The St. Mary’s Church at Athirampuzha is one of the oldest in Kerala. Though dedicated to Mother Mary, it is the feast of Saint Sebastian which attracts a large crowd. Main celebration and procession at night is on Jan.24th and 25th. I have captured a few photos when I attended this function in Jan.2012.  I have posted more photos in my earlier post.

Reflection of illumination in the pond water

illumination mirror in the pond

It’s trickier to take pictures at night, but the rewards are well worth it. This is Photo Challenge Night Time.

Refraction – St. John’s Cathedral

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7 thoughts on “Illumination reflection in the pond water – Night time – Photo challenge

    • Thanks. That is illuminations on a bamboo made stand reflecting in the water. This pond is in Athirampuzha market and known as Chandakulam (Chanda means Market and Kulam means Pond in Malayalam – language of Kerala State, India). This is a main point of the 3 to 4 hrs long procession on the street. Near to this a small church. There blessed mary is garlanded with lot of garlands made with flowers, cardamon etc and on the final day of the feast these garlands are auctioned for huge amount. St. Sebastian’s feast celebration in Athirampuzha church is a gigantic one, lakhs of faithful of different religion attend. You can watch more photos and videos in Gallery-photo and Church category menu.


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