The eye that mocks a father and scorns to obey a mother

probers 30-17

In the present world some teenager roll their eyes at parents. Parents are the first authority children meet in life. Starting young, parents must train children God’s way. From the earliest days of conscious understanding, children must be taught to respect and honour parents. Even slight indications of a rebellious spirit – shown by looks, gestures, or attitudes – must be dealt with immediately and severely. No compromise should be on this point. Any kind of  wrong facial expression or act should be corrected immediately. Fulfill your divine assignment, prepare your children to serve nobly under all authority.  If you ignore or compromise, you offend the God and He will bring His judgement on you for neglecting your duty and mocking His laws.

If you are a child, make sure you repent to God and your parents for any past sins of disrespect.

Teaching and training parents provide to children is eternal. You must Train children in the right way .

Do you know The Responsibility of Children to Their Parents ?

Some children have the habit of  Cursing Parents. It is absolutely wrong.

Are you a Wise child or Foolish child ?


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