By Heart – 100 year old super hit song – Dukhathinte Paanapatram

“You’re asked to recite a poem (or song lyrics) from memory — what’s the first one that comes to mind? Does it have a special meaning, or is there another reason it has stayed, intact, in your mind?”. When I saw this Daily Prompt – By Heart, Dukhathinte Paanapatram song came in my mind, because I love this song very much and sing also. I humbly request  you to listen the song and find yourself the special meaning and reason why it stayed, intact, in my mind. I hope it may stay, intact, in your mind too.

Listen to this heart touching 100 year old, still super hit Malayalam Christian Devotional song sung by Dr. K. J. Yesudas, one of the top singer in India.

This beautiful heart touching song was written by Sadhu Kochukunju Upadeshi. He was one of the revival leaders who revitalized the spiritual life of the church members. He was a Voluntary Evangelist who spent his whole life for the proclamation of the Gospel to the people of South India and Sri Lanka. According to him the Bible is not a book to be read but an instruction book which should be followed in day to day life.

Kochukunju wanted all his three children to follow the Lord. He wanted his first son Varghesekutty to be a full time celibate evangelist and his second son Samuelkutty to be an agriculturist to look after his property and his daughter Mariamma, to be a lady evangelist. But unfortunately his second son Samuel died at the age of nine. The death of his son was a big loss in his life which inspired him to write the immortal hymn Dukhathinte Panapatram. Read Life History to know more about him.

This song is in Malayalam language of Kerala State, India.  Malayalam lyrics are written in English alphabets for non-speaking Malayalam people to read. English meaning of the lyrics are written in italic red color.

1. Dukhathinte paanapaathram, karthavente kayil thannal
Santhoshathodathu vaangi, halleluiah paadidum njan..

2. Dhoshamayittonnum enno..dente taathan cheykayilla
Enneyavan adichalum, avanenne snehikkunnu..

3. Kashtanashtam erivannal bhagyavaanayi theerunnu njan
Kashtametta Karthavodu, koottaliyaayi theerunnu njan..

4. Lokathe njan orkkunnilla, kashtanashtam orkkunnilla,
Eppolente Karthavine, onnu kaanamenneyullu..

In the above lyrics the author describing his readiness to accept
suffering with joyous praise for the Lord because, in his view, Our
Lord will do nothing to harm us because He always loves us. In truth, our suffering is actually an opportunity for us to become one with the agony endured by Our Lord.

5. Lokasowkhyam enthu tharum, aathmaklesham athinbhalam
Sowbhagyamulla aathma jeevan, kashtathayil vardhikkunnu…

What can worldly riches give me, save for mental strain?
But suffering reinvigorates ones spiritual self.

6. Jeevanathil vanpuvenda kazhchayude shobhavenda
Koodarathin moodi pole Krooshin niram mathram mathi..

I desire neither pomp nor glory
Only the colour of the cross just like the altar curtain

7. Ullil enikkenthu sukham, thejasserum cherubukal
Koodarathin akathundu, shekhaynaayum undavide..

What can ail my innards, for inside the altar
I find the bright cherubs, and so is there the presence of God

8. Bhakthanmaaram sahodarar, vilakkappol koodeyundu
Prarthanayin doopamundu, meshamel entappamundu..

Devout acolyte brothers accompany me like lamps
There’s the prayerful incense, and on the table the bread of the eucharist

9. Prakaarathil ente munpil, Yeshuvine kanunnu njan
Yaagapeedam avan athre, ennumente Rakshayavan..

I see the resemblance of Lord Jesus before me
in the altar; he is always my refuge.

10. Dhinam thorum puthukkunna, shakthiyennil pakaruvan
Svacha jalam vachittulla pichala thottiyundu..

To impart on me the strength which is renewed everyday
There’s the brass bucket (chalice?) containing the water of life

11. Lokathe njan orkkunnilla, kashtanashtam orkkunnilla
Eppolente Karthavine, onnu kaanamenneyullu.

I am heeding neither the world nor my suffering and losses
All that I desire is to witness my Lord

Download Malayalam Lyrics of this song

Below is the Hindi translation of Malayalam song Dukhathinte Panapatram by Sadhu Kochunj Upadeshi with his life experience.

Dukh Se Bhare Katore Ko ……Abraham George …….Christian Hindi song.

I hope that you will surely love this song and try to learn the lyrics and sing yourself.

May God Bless you all.

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