Daily Prompt – Trio no. 4

Alarm rang at 5 a.m. opened eyes and looked at the wall. First sight was photo of Jesus with a sweet smile and stretched hands. Sat on the bed, closed the eyes and said thanks to God for protecting me at night and for providing sound sleep.

Lyrics of a very old Malayalam song heard in childhood days at home came in mind now:

“Urakkathinu sukhavum thannennarike ninna kripakkayi
Urangathenne balamayi katha thirumenikku mahatwam”

English meaning of the song is :

Thanks to the good Lord who stood beside without sleep and protected me, provided me sound sleep.

Washed up and took a cup of tea and went to Church. After the Holy Mass started morning walk. While walking on side of the road a speeding car came and stopped in the traffic signal. Could hear the sweet melody “Silent night, Holy night” from inside the car. That made the mind more fresh and energetic. While enjoying this sweet melody, heard another devotional song and that was ring tone of the mobile. Friend called to say something. After the walk came back home, took bath. Breakfast was ready. Crisp toast and coffee. Took keys, prayed for a minute and went to office.

Thanks to the Lord for the very bright morning.

Daily Prompt

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