Beautiful heart touching devotional song of a small girl

Watch and listen the heart touching beautiful devotional song sung by a small girl. This is really a gift of God and the parents are lucky to have this girl child. God’s blessings are with them. All parents who abort girl child, not happy with girl child, ignoring girl child must watch this video. They must understand that a child is a gift from God. Pray for this girl and her family and also for the great singers and music directors who made this happen.

Shreyakutty beautiful song from the upcoming Album GOD.


12 thoughts on “Beautiful heart touching devotional song of a small girl

  1. The Yorubas…a tribe in Nigeria and where I come from..value the females child..They believe that once a son is married,you lost a child and once your daughter is married, you have both a daughter and a son…


      • Not really…in yorubaland, a man also prays to have a son who will carry his name to the next generation..As a female child, am entitled to part of my father’s estate at his demise and as the eldest , am the head of the next generation…At old age, yes…they most likely stay with their daughters..and where that may not be possible, the daughters make sure that their parents are very comfortable with frequent visits and letting some of the grandkids live with their parents…


      • During a Yoruba traditional wedding, the family of the girl refuses a bride price for their daughter as they have now gotten a son in the bargain. They just collect gifts from the boy’s family and not money…


      • Yes..throughout Nigeria..a man pays dowry and lots of gifts to marry a wife. In some parts of Nigeria..He even spends money for the cermeony.The dowry could be as much as $10,000 equivalent and he must not ill-treat the wife…perhaps..I should do an article on traditional weddings in Nigeria..for you to get the full picture..


      • In Nigeria, we have over 250 different people with different cultures,traditions and languages. And yes, yorubaland spans from western Nigeria to two other countries…will attend a wedding this weekend and put things together for an article..and in most African tribes, men pay bride prices for their wives and also take care of their wives’ family…it is a sign of being a real man…


      • It is not a sale…it is show that she is valuable…when a lady goes to a man,s house and no dowry is paid on her..No matter,how highly placed and educated she is, she is not seen as married…The men are very happy to do makes them feel in charge and in control of their a case of divorce, which used to be rare, the family of the girl returns the dowry back to the man..


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