What to do in new year 2015 ?

If you could spend the next year as someone radically different from the current “you” — a member of a different species, someone from a different gender or generation, etc. — who would you choose to be?

Happy New Year 2015.

God has given us one more new day, new year. It is the time for us to remember all the good things happened in the last year and also the sufferings, diseases we received, We must thank God for both, Some of the sufferings and disease you received might have helped you to change your life, helped you to seek God and pray more than earlier. When we get sufferings and disease sometimes we think that it is happened as a punishment to our wrong deeds. But that is not the truth. Those sufferings and diseases are just a way to purify your heart, change your wrong deeds and paths, Instead of complaining to God, we must thank God for the same and pray to purify with his blood. When we are purified with the blood of Jesus, our heart fill with joy and peace,

We should take a vow today to change our life, remove and avoid all bad habits like drinking liquor, addicted to visiting bad sites and any such. We should try to help others as much we can, especially the poor, We must try our best to spread the Word of God through our blog, words and deeds. We must pray for others who are in need of our prayers, who are sick, who are away from God. We must make a habit to attend the church and prayers regularly. It is duty of every christian to proclaim the Word of God,

How much we spent on decorations, fireworks, picnic, liquor etc? When we celebrated and enjoyed new year like this, how many shelter less, poor were suffering without food for a meal? Have we ever thought of it? If a small part of the money which we spent on the above how many shelter less would have got a place to sleep, how many would have got a piece of warm cloth on this winter, how many hungry would have happy with one time meal in a day? If we had helped any person in any kind as said, Jesus would have been very happy with us. Let us pray for change in attitude of the people.

May Jesus bless you and your family, make the year 2015 prosperous filled with peace and joy.

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