Be known ! There is a God who sees all deeds

Short message from Sehion Ministries, Attappady, Palakkad, Kerala, India.


Ente Nalla Amma – Shalom TV Episode 58 – Mr. Sabu Kizhakayil

Mr. Sabu Kizhakayil – Testimonies, miracles and  experiences from life by the blessings of  Holy Mary.

Sehion Web Live July 2, 2016

Sehion Ministries live web cast from Sehion Retreat Center, Attappady… Saturday, July 2, 2016 Athbhuthangal Theernnittilla.

What is today’s situation? It is not proper….!

Short message from Sehion Ministries, Attappady, Plakkad, Kerala, India.

Ente Nalla Amma – Shalom TV Episode 57 – Daisy Pulickal

Daisy Pulickal – Testimonies, miracles and  experiences from life by the blessings of  Holy Mary.

Thunder of God | Fr. Soji Olickal | Episode 43

Preaching in English by Fr. Soji Olickal. His words will surely help to understand about the sins and repentance, help to understand the everlasting love and affection of God, help to make a way to God. Watch the below video and have peace and joy in mind.

Testimony Letters – Br. Mathew Joseph – Shalom Night Vigil – July 2016

Arise, cry out in the night,
as the watches of the night begin;
pour out your heart like water
in the presence of the Lord. (Lamentations 2:19)

A Trinitarian night of miracles, an amazing spiritual experience.

Every First Friday, the whole of Shalom family gather together to pray for the world. On the still silence of the night, they offer before the Blessed Sacrament all the prayer intentions coming through post, phone, e-mail and fax. Simultaneously, special prayer service for the public is conducted within the office of Shalom.

It is a day of blessings. The Lord touches many who are lost in despair. The sick are healed! Sinners are liberated! Youth groping in darkness find a new light! Peace return to shattered families!

Shalom Night Vigil is a spiritually nourishing programme which includes Rosary, Praise and Worship, Sharing of the Word, Narration of Testimonies, Adoration and Holy Mass which comes on all first Fridays. Many a soul finds solace of mind and heart as well as realizes the love of our heavenly Father participating in it. The Lord has enormously blessed many people through this enriching programme and it is attested by the thousands of letters and phone calls receiving in Shalom.

You might begin that night with cries of despair, but surely you cannot help but end it with tears of joy rolling down your cheeks, because your Lord will definitely visit you that night.

Watch it on Shalom TV every First Friday starting at 8.00 p.m. IST.