Thoomanju Peyyum | Latest Malayalam Christmas Song | 2019

Just released. Thoomanju Peyyum | Latest Malayalam Christmas Song

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  • Lyrics : Fr. Jesto menacheril
  • Music : Sibu V G and George M.K.(Mapranathukaran)
  • Singer : Anna Baby
  • Orchestration : Scaria Jacob
  • Violin : Francis Xavier
  • Studio : Geetham Kochi +91 9447668293
  • Mixing and mastering : Jinto John
  • Edit : Joby Puthenpura
  • Camera : Jinto john

Angels We Have Heard on High | Joyful6 | Christmas song | Pentatonix cover | Acappella

Joyful 6 consists 6 siblings of the couple Shegin-Smitha. A prolife family that uses music to proclaim the gospel and specifically the value of life.
They believe that music is a gift of God almighty which is given for a purpose.

Joyful 6 is delighted to release our new cover Acappella song “Angels We Have Heard on High” on this Christmas 2019. Join the Angels to sing about the Joy and peace that Baby Jesus brings to our heart on Christmas.

Pulkootil Unniesho – New Malayalam Christmas Song – Shreya Jayadeep

New Malayalam Christmas Song – Pulkootil Unniesho – Shreya Jayadeep

Stars Of Heaven | Latest Malayalam Christmas Carol Song By Shreya Jayadeep

Latest Christmas Carol Song By Shreya Jayadeep

Christmas Songs Malayalam | Abijith Kollam And Shreya Jayadeep

Celebrate this Christmas with beautiful songs from famous singers Abijith Kollam And Shreya Jayadeep

Star of the World | Joyful 6 (Singing Siblings)

Joyful 6 (6 Siblings) Singing

Found a programme and interview of the joyful family in Shalom TV and sharing this beautiful song video of really joyful siblings and children of joyful parents.

Joyful 6 consists 6 siblings of the couple Shegin-Smitha. A prolife family that uses music to proclaim the gospel and specifically the value of life. They believe that music is a gift of God almighty which is given for a purpose. Credits Facebook – Joyful 6

With almighty’s grace and blessings, Joyful6 is delighted to release first original song “Star of the World”. Join us, sing along and celebrate Christmas with Christ born in our hearts.

Did you notice there names JESSICA | JEZIAH | JESSE | JOSHUA | JOANNA | JOHAN starts with ‘J’. Look like parents selected the names knowingly that their children have the gift of singing and they will create videos to proclaim the Gospel. In today’s world, most parents have common decisions, no child for the first 1 or 2 years, not more than 1 or 2 children. We all have one common answer, “difficult to manage and give good education to children with the minimum income”. Hence, maximum 2 children are enough. Education is very costly, living style has changed. Nobody can deny it. But we have to accept the gifts from God.

  • Composed and Arranged By : DURWIN D’SOUZA
  • Guitar : DURWIN D’SOUZA
  • Percussion: EDWIN JOHNSON
  • Mixed & Mastered: DAWN VINCENT
  • Video Production & Editing : SUNESH SEBASTIAN
  • Production Controller : FRANLEE FRANCIS

Congratulations to joyful 6 (6 siblings singing beautiful song). Not only your sweet voice touches the hearts of the listener, but also your sweet smile heal the minds.

Many people, including me, do not smile much.

Smile boost energy in the mind and body of the person and also pass that energy to the other person see your smile. May God bless the joyful family.

Joyful 6 – The story of singing siblings

Rose flower attracts everyone because the beauty, softness and the fragrance that spreads in the air invites everyone to touch, feel, smell and fill happiness in the heart.

Are you feeling happiness in your mind, after watching the video and listening the beautiful song of the little angels?

Pray for them to become great warriors proclaiming the Gospel through their God given gift, voice and smile.

Connect with Joyful 6 Facebook     Instagram YouTube

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Rocking Dance Christmas 2017 Kristu Raja Cathedral Kottayam


This is a rocking dance performance by the youth in Kristu Raja Cathedral, Kottayam, Kerala, India. They are celebrating Christmas.

Carol Songs Christmas 2017 Kristu Raja Cathedral Kottayam

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