Lame walks in the name of Jesus – Africa Botswana – Fr mathew Naickomparambil V.C.

Fr mathew Naickomparambil v.c. & team conducted retreats in Botswana. while preaching in the capital of Botswana, Gabroni, in the cathidral church, one 17 year old youth who was a lame at the age of 10 completely healed, by the power of the word of god & by the merits of the whole life of JESUS.
Isiah 53 : 4

Word of God In English Preaching By : Rev. Fr. Mathew Naikomparambil

Word of God In English
Preaching By : Rev. Fr. Mathew Naikomparambil

Youth Praise & Worship DIVINE USA

Youth Praise & Worship Music Video from Divine TV USA.

Divine TV USA Talks – “Why did God create us?” by Rev. Fr Mathew Naickomparambil V.C.

“WHY DID GOD CREATE US” is a heart-provoking sharing of God’s Word by Rev. Fr. Mathew Naickomparambil V.C. – the Spearhead of the Divine-Potta Ministry.  Rev. Fr. Mathew Naickomparambil V C is the founder of Divine Retreat Centre, Potta. He is a renowned gospel preacher