Prayer for parents during difficult times

Lord, seeing my parents grow older has been hard for me. I struggle to retain my view of them as they were when I was young. They seemed so strong then, able to work endlessly, to love completely, to give selflessly. I made demands of them then, as does any child, sometimes being unreasonable, unappreciative, and selfish. Now the tables are turned. My parents seem set in their ways, unwilling to bend much, unable to give much. Their bodies are less strong, and their energy limited. This is my time to show love for them – to overlook their moods, to respect their independence.

I pray for my parents, my lifelong friends. May they be comforted with Your healing, solace, and strength. Help all of us to be patient and to love one another in the understanding, undemanding way that You love each of us. Amen.

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Prayer of a single parent

It is late, Lord, and yet I sit here, trying to rally strength for tomorrow. I feel burdened as a single parent. The pressure of juggling work, home, school, and sitter schedules leaves little time. Somewhere in the middle I am lost, a wheel with a hundred spokes, each pulling me and demanding comfort, support, and attention. I am weighed down with guilt about the job I am doing. Refusing demands for material things is difficult, but refusing demands for my time is worse. Give me the courage to persist in this difficult task of parenting, Make me realistic in what I expect of myself and others. Nurture me and love me, Lord. Let me know You are with me in all my stumblings, in all my days. Bring me and my loved ones through these hard times so that we may find happiness and peace. Amen.

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Prayers of parents for their children

Oh God, make me a better parent. Help me to understand my children, to listen patiently to what they have to say, and to answer all their questions wisely and kindly. Keep me from criticizing them so that they can learn from their strengths and weaknesses. Keep me from making all decisions so that they can learn to solve problems. Keep me from interfering so that they can develop responsibility. Yet, help me to have the courage to refuse giving in to what will harm them.

Help me to appreciate my children as they are, not as I would have them to be. When I grow discouraged, remind me that my child is Your child also. You abide in us always – sheltering us in Your care, surrounding us with Your goodness, and enfolding us in Your love. Amen.

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Prayer for spouses for one another

Jesus, You saw so much value in the love between husband and wife that You elevated married life to a sacramental level. I know that marriage is a sign of the love and unity that exists between You and Your Church.

Continue to give Your help to us that our love may grow day by day. Help us to realize that our love must overflow into the world around us. Give us strength in times of trial and difficulty; give us happiness, security, and the joy of seeing our love expand beyond ourselves to others. I ask this through the intercession of Mary and her beloved spouse, St. Joseph. Amen.

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Prayer for an end to domestic violence

Dear God, when I think of a family, I think of a mother, father, and children – all living together and sharing mutual love, concern, and kindness. For some, however, family life is filled with pain, anger, and fear. The harsh reality of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse that is present among so many families is a problem that must not be ignored. Father, guide all people so they do not resort to abuse of any kind in their relationships.

Give those who have difficulty coping with their responsibilities the wisdom and courage to recognize their problems and, when needed, to seek counseling. I ask You also to protect the children raised in abusive families from continuing the harmful cycle of abuse as they mature and become parents themselves. Amen.

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Prayer for a loved one with a drug or alcohol problem

Dear Lord, watching someone I love being destroyed by drugs and alcohol seems more that I can bear. My threatening, arguing, rationalizing, and controlling have proved futile. The problem continues, and I am discouraged and frustrated. I realize I am powerless over this problem and powerless over anyone’s life by my own.

Guide my words and action so that I will say and do all I can to hasten recovery. Help me to also detach so that my loved one may admit the problem and seek help. May I take care of what is my responsibility and no more. Above all, Lord, help me let go and let You take care of this and all else in my life. May I never lose faith in Your power. Amen.

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Prayer for easing of financial difficulties

Dear Lord, I have been taught that money is not what is most important, yet money is often a problem in my life. These latest financial difficulties are particularly hard. Help me to use money wisely – to resist buying what I do not need and to stop comparing my possessions with those of others. Grant me what I need in this life, so that I may care for myself and those dear to me, with enough to share with those less fortunate. Amen.

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