Music got no limits! – Poor Boy playing drum made with utensils and tins

I found this on facebook. If you like it share with others. Many talented persons are unable to prove and improve their talent. May God Bless them.


English Medium School in Govindpur village-Godda

Govindpur is a small village in Mahagama, Dist. Godda, Jharkhand State, India. It is really a great help for the children of Govindpur village and nearby places that Diocese of Bhagalpur has started an English Medium School in this remote area to educate the children. This school is situated at the bottom of a beautiful hill. Very peaceful place for study, enough place for playing. Priests and Nuns are staying in the campus and spending their time and energy to serve the people and educate the village children to make them future leaders of India. If this school was not there, these poor village children might not have get good education or even learn English in their life.

Watch video of this beautiful place and the English Medium School.

Beautiful Govindpur village-Godda-Photo

Mother of the poor – Blessed Mother Teresa

This is one the rare videos of Mother of the poor – Blessed Mother Teresa.

Beautiful heart touching devotional song of a small girl

Watch and listen the heart touching beautiful devotional song sung by a small girl. This is really a gift of God and the parents are lucky to have this girl child. God’s blessings are with them. All parents who abort girl child, not happy with girl child, ignoring girl child must watch this video. They must understand that a child is a gift from God. Pray for this girl and her family and also for the great singers and music directors who made this happen.

Shreyakutty beautiful song from the upcoming Album GOD.