Bad Signal – Unclear voice message – Who is it from, and what is this about?

Addicted to internet. Many attractions to eyes, pleasing sounds in ear. What a life was? Many times tried to stop it, but could not. Some special power was pushing to continue with happiness. All happiness was being online. This made to ignore prayer, work, food, sleep and at last became sick. Physical sickness, tensions, unable to work, unable to eat, medicines and sleep. One day found some videos of sermon and testimonies online. That made to think about this addicted sin. Started praying, attended retreats, prayers. At that time heard a voice message in ear, but could make out only the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”. Prayed again with strong faith and closed eyes and saw Satan waving hands and running away. God Healed all the sickness and more happy than earlier.

Bad Signal


Jesus can change our life

In today’s new technology world we have many medium for entertainment, social networking which all sometimes make us to addicted to that happiness. We forget the God, we have no time for God. I also was like that. I was addicted to internet, not blogging or any useful way, but just entertainment. I used to be on net without proper sleep. I got sick. At that time, I realised my mistake. I started changing. Started praying daily timely. Earlier also I used to pray, but that was just to fulfill the routine. As advised by spiritual leaders I attended inner healing retreats in Sehion Retreat Centre. Spiritual talks, counselling, meditation all helped me to change. Now I feel much better, feel happiness, but not like earlier. In the Retreat Centre, I found a Prayer Book for the Sick which I pray daily. From my experience, I suggest every sick person must pray with this book. You must pray for your friends/relatives who are sick. Praying for others is a good thing. God will heal them with your prayers and he will bless you. Now I started this Blog to spread the word of God. I am not a preacher, not a writer, but a simple man. Still trying to do my best through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Are you addicted to internet just for entertainment ? Do you have any such experience which changed your life? If yes, share with others in the comment below. Reading experience of a person help other person to think and change his life.