Speech about Prayer by Mother Teresa (St. Teresa of Calcutta)

Canonization of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Video of Canonization of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

If we turn back from spiritual matters…

Devotion to God is connected with our family, to our fields of efforts. In the book of Sirach chapter 27 verses 3 is teaching that “If a person is not steadfast in the fear of the Lord, His house will be quickly overthrown.” Dear brothren, Devotion to God is not a silly matter. We have become not interested to listen to the Word, became not interested to go to church, became not interested in Holy Mas, not interested in prayers during night, became not interested in prayers in the morning. not interested in reading Holy Bible, became not interested in reading the life -history of saints. Thus, if we go back from spiritual matters the word of God is teaching that to the family disaster will encroach faster. into the family the ruin will intrude very fast. Between the tragedy in the family and our prayer life there is relationship. The failure in our business, the failure in agriculture, if we commence any source of jobs the failure in that field of employment has a linking with our prayer life. There is a relation between our job, and the prosperity in our working field with our prayer-life.

Life history of St. John Marie Vianney – The Martyr at the Confessional

St. John Vianney Saint John Marie Vianney, who was adjudged as unintelligent proved to be a successful pastor. He led the people of Ars to repentance. The Church honoured him and promoted him to the rank of a Canon. We honour him on the altar as the patron and intercessor of priests. Hope and pray that this book published from Sehion Retreat Centre, in the year of priests, may help the children and youth to get attracted to the life of a priest and also to closely understand the Church and the saints.

This apostle from France is known as the martyr at the confessional and as the patron of priests. As a sign of respect to this Canon status recipient, the Catholic Church presented him the ‘Mozzetta’  [A short, cape-shaped garment, covering the shoulders and reaching only to the elbow, with  an open front, which may be fastened by means of a row of small buttons; at the neck it has a very small and purely ornamental hood] usually authorized to be worn only by the Pope, Cardinals and Bishops. The emperor of France had bestowed on him the ‘Knight of the Legion of Honour’ status as a symbol of  high respect to this saint. During the last ten years of his life, he spent sixteen to eighteen hours a day in the confessional. The world knelt before him, who was once tagged as an idiot.

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This book is written by Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, the founder-director of Sehion Retreat Centre, of Palakkad Diocese. Fr. Xavier who has earned name and fame as an outstanding preacher of the Word of the Lord, Retreat Leader, television orator and organizer, is conducting many retreats for priests, nuns and believers in India and abroad. This book is prepared, aiming the spiritual salvation of children, and will motivate them to know and understand more about the Church and God.

Life history of St. Ignatius Loyola – In search of Knowledge – In search of Nectar

St. Ignatius Loyola St. Ignatius Loyola was a man who had fought with vigor against the Protestant religious renewal organization built up by Martin Luther and his followers. Ignatius was a soldier who desired to live at the lap of earthly pleasures at his youth. But Jesus led him to the ladder of sanctity. This saint remains as a challenge to the youngsters of this period who like to immerse and live in the worldly pleasures. Pray that all who read this book may be blessed with the grace to lead a sanctified life .

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This is the sixth book in the series, Mystic Manna, which is one of the humble efforts of Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil to bring up the young generation to sanctity. Through him, the message of God has already reached several families and nations, vide his discourses through television, web radio, books, booklets, CDs and cassettes. Known as the Deliverance Minister, Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan is the founder and director of Sehion Ministries.


Life history of St. Francis Xavier – The Apostle of the Eastern Countries

St. Francis Xavier

Francis Xavier was a person who had existed by drinking pollen and gruel, preaching during day, and praying during night. He had preached Gospel in countries like India, Japan, China and Malacca. The apostolic vigor of St. Francis Xavier will be filled on the children who read this book. Pray that to all children let this book be useful.

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Author –  Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, who belongs to the diocese of Palakkad, Kerala, India, is a renowned author, organizer, and retreat orator, and is a good missionary. He is the director of Sehion Ministries, established under the Palakkad diocese. Many retreat services are being held under his leadership at the Retreat Centre in Thavalam, Palakkad District, and in other places in Kerala; in many states in India, and in several metros abroad. This is the fifth book published by him, under the series, ‘Mystic Manna’, meant for children. ln a very short time, many dioceses have ENVIRONMENT OF VIRTUES accepted this series of books. Pray that this series may bear more fruits of faith in the days to come.

Life history of St. Rita – The Saint of Impossibles

St. RitaSt. Rita was a holy woman who was raised to sainthood, at the very beginning of the twentieth century – 1900, May 24 – at the opening of the Jubilee Year. More known as a mystic, St. Rita had led a heroic sanctified life in the positions of wife, mother, widow and later as a nun. This holy woman was a garden of virtues. God used to grant her, whatever she had asked for. Among the Spanish people, she is known as ‘Saint of impossibles’.

Rita was the only daughter, born to an Umbranian farmer couple, at their late age. Though from her childhood she had wished to join the convent, she had to get married due to the intervention of her parents. Two flowers blossomed in their married life. After the death of her husband and children, she joined the Augustinian Convent. From there, she climbed the steps of sanctity. She died in 1457. In the year 1900, the Iioly Throne proclaimed her, a Saint.

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This book is written by Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, a member of Palakkad Diocese, a well-known retreat orator. ‘ Mystic Manna ‘ is the series meant for children, prepared by Fr. Xavier Khan, who had already presented to Maranatha Media Centre, several video discourses on various subjects, through the series- ‘GALE OF AWAKENING’; booklet series of more than eight books. till this period. He is introducing St. Rita, in this book under this series. Praying that the life-history of this saint, be of help to many.