Beautiful Crib 2018 – St. Benedict’s Church – Bhagalpur – India

Christmas celebrations 2018 – Beautiful crib created by the parishioners of St. Benedict’s Church, Bhagalpur, Diocese of Bhagalpur, Bihar, India.

Crowd To See Beautiful Christmas Crib At Bhagalpur 2017


For the last few years thousands of people of different age, religion visiting St. Benedict’s Church, Bhagalpur on December, 25 to see the beautiful crib, decorations and also to pray with the lighted candle. They believe that their prayer will be heard and fulfilled. This proves that Jesus is born not just for a few people, but for all the people in the world irrespective of religion.

Every year it is difficult to control the crowd. This year traffic was blocked on the road due to the big crowd.


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Beautiful Christmas Crib St Benedict’s Church Bhagalpur 2017


This beautiful crib is created by the parishioners of St. Benedict’s Church, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India. Team leader Mr. Augustine is a great artist with a lot of ideas. He is a Teacher at Mount Assisi School, Bhagalpur. Animal Shelter, Well, Water Fall, Greenery, houses and much more included in the creation to make a natural look of a small village.

Video recorded by Mr. Thomas Devasia.

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