Easter – 2017 – St. Benedict’s Church, Bhagalpur

Christmas – 2016 – St. Benedict’s Church, Bhagalpur

Christmas Celebration – 2016 – St. Benedict’s Church, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India.

Christ The King – 2016 – Cathedral – Bhagalpur, Bihar, India.

Year of Mercy Closing – Cathedral-Bhagalpur, Bihar, India.

Dance – Golden Jubilee, Diocese of Bhgalpur

Beautiful dance – Golden Jubilee, Diocese of Bhgalpur

St. Benedict’s Church, Bhagalpur – Easter 2015

St. Benedict’s Church, Bhagalpur – Easter 2015 – video

Girls Dance – STS Silver Jubilee Finale

This is an amazing dance performance by girls of St. Teresa’s School, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India. Very colourful, different styles like climbing on top. Watch and enjoy, praise the Lord for the gift given to these girls. All people who abort or think about aborting girl child must watch this. Children are gift from God and we must accept and give chance and encouragement to prove their talents.

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