Shiny Sabu – Heart Touching Testimony

This is the testimony by Shiny Sabu, who experienced the miraculous mystical experiences with Holy Mary and the wonderful Healing and about her life of Passion and sufferings for Jesus!

Medical science had told that 80% she has no chance to give birth to a child. She prayed to Mary taking ettu noyambu in St. Mary’s Church, Manarcadu, Kerala, India and conceived within a month. After 3 months of pregnancy Dr. advised to abort the child as scanning report short abnormalities in the child. But she didn’t allow abortion and prayed and delivered a healthy normal child. One day she admitted in hospital for severe bleeding from nose and diagnosed severe Meningitis and urgent surgery advised. Just before the operation time she prayed and asked for another scanning and the report showed no need of surgery. Severe Pneumonia attacked and due to the high medicines her body swollen with other ailments in body including severe infection in throat. She was on bed for many weeks without able to speak or open eyes. Dr. advised that she is dying. Last sacrament also given. Again with prayer she cured. One day her one side fully paralysed including tongue, her body shape changed and it was difficult to recognise her due to this paralysis. She prayed and went to Vailankanni Church, Tamilnadu, Kerala, India and there she got healing. Still sitting on wheel chair and giving testimony and proclaiming the word of God. She is serving the drug addicts, drunkards, mental patients from street.

This is really a heart touching testimony. This testimony proves the power of Holy Rosary and the miracles through intercession of Holy Mary.