Dazzling display of fireworks – Athirampuzha Church

The dazzling display of fireworks for 3 to 4 hrs by different parties at night is a colorful visual treat. This is one of the major attractions during St. Sebastian’s Feast in world renowned pilgrim center, Athirampuzha Church, Kottayam, Kerala State, India.

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St. Mary’s Forane Church                         Photo Rosary And Litany Garden

Photo – St. Sebastian’s feast                     Photo – Athirampuzha Church 

Chenda Melam                                            Shinkari Melam – Kerala Women

School Girls Band Set                                 St. Sebastian’s Feast

Beautiful Piyata Tableau                           St. Sebastian’s Feast – Jan.24

St. Sebastian’s Feast – Jan.25-Part I      St. Sebastian’s Feast – Jan.25-Part II

St. Sebastian’s Feast, Athirampuzha Church

The St. Mary’s Church at Athirampuzha is one of the oldest in Kerala, was constructed around 835 AD. Though dedicated to Mother Mary, it is the feast of Saint Sebastian which attracts a large crowd. This annual feast  is being held from 19th January to 1st February every year. The event is a gigantic one with lacs of people visiting the place during the feast days and especially on the two main days – 24th and 25th January.

The procession is a spiritual ablu for the devotees. Band set including school bands, flags, gold-brass-silver wooden crosses, allavattom, venchamaram, Thazahakkuda, theevetti and beaded ornate umbrellas etc make the procession very gorgeous and regal. Ettamidam extends the celebration for eight more days. The Festival comes to an end by February 1.

School Girls Band set  is a colorful and mind refreshing treat.

Dazzling display of fireworks during the festival is a colorful visual treat.

Chenda Melam is one of the main attraction.

Shinkari Melam by Kerala women by Kerala women is another attraction.

St. Sebastian’s Feast – Athirampuzha Church –  Jan.24

St. Sebastian’s Feast – Athirampuzha Church –  Jan.25 – Part I

St. Sebastian’s Feast – Athirampuzha Church –  Jan.25 – Part II

Beautiful Piyata Tableau was part of the St. Sebastian’s Feast Athirampuzha Church on Jan.23, 2012. Look like a statue, but two boys were sitting in this Tableau during the procession on the street.