Jai Prakash Udyan, Bhagalpur – 2015

Jai Prakash Udyan, Bhagalpur. The photos are taken in Micromax Canvas A! mobile, after morning walk.

Garden – St. Teresa’s School, Bhagalpur

Photos taken during church picnic to St. Teresa’s School, Bhagalpur. Photos are taken using Micromax Canvas A1 mobile.

Flower – Goa

Rose flower

Goa-flowers (2)
Goa-flowers (3)
Goa-flowers (4)
Goa-flowers (5)
Goa-flowers (1)

Beautiful Garden – Holy Family School, Bhagalpur

Eye catching beauty and mind refreshing fragrance in a beautiful garden make the body and mind fresh and healthy. This is a beautiful garden in Holy Family School, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India.

Flower Garden – St. Teresa’s Junior School, Bhagalpur

Beautiful Garden – STS – Bhagalpur

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers

St. Teresa's School Garden - Bhagalpur

St. Teresa’s School Garden – Bhagalpur

STS Garden night view

St. Teresa’s School, Bhagalpur Garden – Night view with illuminations. This is last year photo.

St. Teresa's School, Bhagalpur

St. Teresa's School, Bhagalpur

St. Teresa's School, Bhagalpur

St. Teresa's School, Bhagalpur

St. Teresa's School, Bhagalpur

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Photography 101: Triumph

Raj Kumar Park

Raj Kumar Park – Bangalore



Parumala Church Garden

Parumala Church Garden

Jai Prakash Udyan – Bhagalpur

Six things that the Lord hates, Seven that are an abomination to him

Practical Admonitions

The eye that mocks a father and scorns to obey a mother

probers 30-17

In the present world some teenager roll their eyes at parents. Parents are the first authority children meet in life. Starting young, parents must train children God’s way. From the earliest days of conscious understanding, children must be taught to respect and honour parents. Even slight indications of a rebellious spirit – shown by looks, gestures, or attitudes – must be dealt with immediately and severely. No compromise should be on this point. Any kind of  wrong facial expression or act should be corrected immediately. Fulfill your divine assignment, prepare your children to serve nobly under all authority.  If you ignore or compromise, you offend the God and He will bring His judgement on you for neglecting your duty and mocking His laws.

If you are a child, make sure you repent to God and your parents for any past sins of disrespect.

Teaching and training parents provide to children is eternal. You must Train children in the right way .

Do you know The Responsibility of Children to Their Parents ?

Some children have the habit of  Cursing Parents. It is absolutely wrong.

Are you a Wise child or Foolish child ?


Lying tongue – Flattering mouth

lying tongue


Signs – Rosary Garden

I took photos of beautiful Rosary and Litany Garden in St. Mary’s Forane Church, Athirampuzha, Kottayam, Kerala state, India.

St. Jude's Rosary and Litany Garden

Name Board

The Luminous mysteries

The Luminous Mysteries

The sorrowful mysteries

The Sorrowful Mysteries


Photo-Rosary And Litany Garden-Athirampuzha Church

I have captured images of this beautiful Rosary and Litany Garden in St. Mary’s Forane Church, Athirampuzha, Kottayam, Kerala state, India. This garden display all the mysteries of holy rosary, litany. Also display The wedding feast of Cana, The annunciation, The visitation, The Birth of Jesus, The Presentation of Jesus,  Jesus Baptism in the Jordan, Jesus in the Temple, The Institution of the Eucharistic, Jacob’s well, The Transfiguration etc. This is really a good effort and good work.

Click below links for more photos/videos of Athirampuzha Church – world renowned pilgrim centre.

St. Mary’s Forane Church                              Photo – Athirampuzha Church

Photo – St. Sebastian’s feast                          Dazzling display of fireworks

Chenda Melam                                                  Shinkari Melam – Kerala Women

School Girls Band Set                                       St. Sebastian’s Feast

Beautiful Piyata Tableau                                 St. Sebastian’s Feast – Jan.24

St. Sebastian’s Feast – Jan.25-Part I            St. Sebastian’s Feast – Jan.25-Part II