St. Andrew’s Forane Church, Arthunkal

The church, officially Arthunkal St. Andrew’s Forane Church, Arthunkal, Alappuzha district, Kerala, India was originally built by the Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century. It was rebuilt in 1584, under the then vicar Fr. Jacoma Fenicio, whom the devotees claim, possessed magical powers to heal the body and mind. Devotees fondly referred to him as “Arthunkal Veluthachan”, which in English translates to “fair skinned father”. Fr. Fenicio died in 1632. Eight years after his death, the church was rebuilt again, this time facing the west towards the long white-sand beach on the shores of the Arabian Sea. In 1647, a statue of St. Sebastian, struck with arrows all over his bleeding body (he was executed on the order of the Roman emperor for embracing the Christian faith) sculptured in Milan, was brought and placed in the Arthunkal church.

Arthunkal St Andrews Forane Church, the first Parish of the Diocese of Alleppey was elevated to the status of Basilica on 9 July 2010.

Arthunkal Basilica became the first Basilica in the diocese of Alleppey and the 7th Basilica in Kerala. It is the 3rd Basilica of the Roman Catholic Latin church of Kerala. Source:- wikipedia

About 45 kilometres to the south from Kochi and 22 kilometres to the north from Alappuzha, in Kerala a southern state of India, situates the simple and beautiful village Arthunkal. This is under Cherthala Taluk and Alapuzha District. The nearest Railway station is Cherthala. Visit Church Website to read more


Prayer – Healing in the family – special intention

I pray to You, O Lord, for a very special intention: (name concern). You promised us that whatever we ask for in Your name will be granted. I, for my part, will do what I can, Lord, but without Your help, I can accomplish nothing. Grant that my will my always be one with Yours. Amen.

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Prayer for parents during difficult times

Lord, seeing my parents grow older has been hard for me. I struggle to retain my view of them as they were when I was young. They seemed so strong then, able to work endlessly, to love completely, to give selflessly. I made demands of them then, as does any child, sometimes being unreasonable, unappreciative, and selfish. Now the tables are turned. My parents seem set in their ways, unwilling to bend much, unable to give much. Their bodies are less strong, and their energy limited. This is my time to show love for them – to overlook their moods, to respect their independence.

I pray for my parents, my lifelong friends. May they be comforted with Your healing, solace, and strength. Help all of us to be patient and to love one another in the understanding, undemanding way that You love each of us. Amen.

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Prayer for a loved one with a drug or alcohol problem

Dear Lord, watching someone I love being destroyed by drugs and alcohol seems more that I can bear. My threatening, arguing, rationalizing, and controlling have proved futile. The problem continues, and I am discouraged and frustrated. I realize I am powerless over this problem and powerless over anyone’s life by my own.

Guide my words and action so that I will say and do all I can to hasten recovery. Help me to also detach so that my loved one may admit the problem and seek help. May I take care of what is my responsibility and no more. Above all, Lord, help me let go and let You take care of this and all else in my life. May I never lose faith in Your power. Amen.

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Sehion Web Live January 2, 2016

Sehion Ministries live web cast from Sehion Retreat Center, Attappady… Saturday, January 2, 2016
Athbhuthangal Theernnittilla

Abhishekagni Bible Convention Alappuzha – Adoration

Abhishekagni Bible Convention Alappuzha – Adoration

Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil is the founder-director of Sehion Ministries, of Palakkad Diocese. Fr. Xavier who has earned name and fame as an outstanding preacher of the Word of the Lord, Retreat Leader, television orator and organizer, is conducting many retreats for priests, nuns and believers in India and abroad.

Great are the works of the Lord, who maintains…

A short video message from Sehion Retreat Centre.