Alphonsa Bhavan – Birth place of St. Alphonsa

The house where St. Alphonsa was born and brought up has become a Pilgrim Centre under the name “Alphonsa Bhavan”.  In the year 1975, the FCC Deva Matha Province Changanacherry bought the birth house and the surrounding plot of land and converted it into a pilgrim centre. Keeping intact the main part of the birth house, a wonderful protective structure was built encompassing the house. A beautiful chapel also was put up in the same campus. The room where St. Alphonsa was born, the cot used by her, the history of the FC Congregation, the beautifully depicted 20 mysteries of the holy rosary etc. is added attractions to the pilgrims.

Kudamaloor Church – Home parish of St. Alphonsa

St. Mary’s Forane Church at Kudamaloor, Kottayam, under the Archdiocese of Changanassery in central Kerala, India is one of the earliest churches in Kerala State drawing  thousands of pilgrims from different parts of India and abroad. It is also the home parish of St. Alphonsa, the first Saint of India.