Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Black and White Photos

altar-st-johns-metropolitan-cathedral-tiruvalla-bw entrance-st-johns-metropolitan-cathedral-tiruvalla-bw st-johns-metropolitan-cathedral-tiruvalla - BW

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Photography 101: Edge

Bishop's House - Tiruvalla

Bishop’s House – Tiruvalla

Cathedral - Tiruvalla

Cathedral – Tiruvalla

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Rosary Garden

Rosary Garden

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Photography 101: Architecture – Tiruvalla Cathedral

Photos of the beautiful St. John’s Cathedral, Tiruvalla, Kerala State, India. This Cathedral is near to Bishop’s house of Archdiocese of Tiruvalla. Its surprising circular shape seems to tell us that our life reaches a full circle the moment we step into it. This massive structure is a typical example of architectural wonder.

st-johns-metropolitan-cathedral-tiruvalla - BW

St. Johns MetropolitancCathedral Tiruvalla


Entance Tiruvalla Cathedral


Altar – St. John’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Tiruvalla

Georgian pilgrim centre of the east – Puthuppally church

I would like to share about the ancient and famous Puthuppally Church. I have visited this church many times, usually once in every year.

This ancient church renowned all over the world as  “Puthuppally Pally” or “Puthuppally Valiyapally” situated on the eastern bank of the rivulet Kodoorar and beside the Puthuppally-Changancherry road about a kilometer away from Puthuppally junction was rebuilt, expanded or renovated five times during the past four and half centuries of its existence. Thousands visit the church throughout the year and particularly during the feast of St.George, including the 10 days preceding and succeeding it.

This church is famous for its traditions. The “Puthuppaly Perunnal” , annual feast of the patron saint, St. George being celebrated every year, is attended by hundred thousands of devotees belonging to various religions. This is a fine example of communal and religious harmony among people of this area.

This Church is famous for the powerful intercession of the patron saint, St. George and many people is believed to have received favours from God Almighty due to his intercession. It is firmly believed that Sahada (saint) protects those who take refuge, from serpents, ailments, and all kinds of dangers and troubles.

St. Mary’s Church, Manarcad, Kottayam

Manarcad Marthamariam Cathedral (St. Mary’s Cathedral), is a Jacobite Syrian Christian Church located about 9 km from the town of Kottayam in Kerala, India and a destination for people on annual pilgrimages seeking the blessings of the Virgin Mary. This church is the most important church among the ancient churches of Malankara and internationally famous. The ancient practice of 8 day fast and the Feast of Virgin Mary’s Birth are celebrated between September 1st and 8th of every year at the cathedral.Because of the unseen presence and blessings of Virgin Mary, the Manarcad cathedral, the 8 day Fast and other observances have withstood the passage of time and attained international reputation. During the fast days, hundreds of thousands of people from the far corners of the world reach Manarcad to seek the blessings of Virgin Mary. During the 8-day Fast in September, the helpless and the hapless throng the church to pray to Virgin Mary for cure of diseases, for getting children for the childless, for guarding against calamities and for getting the wishes fulfilled. They pray and beg to their Mother with tearful eyes. They place their offerings before her. The testimonials of people who have received blessings are numerous. Watch the video to know more about this church.

Live from Manaracadu Church