Prayer for one’s vocation

Eternal Father, I believe in your infinite wisdom and love. I believe that you have created me for heaven, that you have traced for me the way with all the necessary graces to arrive at it, and that there you await me for the eternal reward of a faithful servant.
I beseech you, through the merits of Jesus my divine Master, and through Mary queen of apostles, enlighten my mind and strengthen me that I may clearly see this way and generously tread along this path.
Help me so that at the moment of death I may be able to say as St.Paul did: ‘ I have
finished my course; I have fought the good fight; for the rest there is laid up for me a
crown of justice.

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Prayer for persecuted Christians

Father in Heaven, you make your sun shine on good and bad alike. You son Jesus Christ died for us all and in his glorious Resurrection. He still retains the five wounds of his Passion. With his divine power he now sustains all those who suffer persecution and martyrdom for the sake of their fidelity to the faith of the Church. Merciful and mighty Father, do not allow Cain to return again to murder helpless and innocent Abel.

May persecuted Christians around the world remain, like Mary, their Mother, together at the foot of the cross of Christ our divine master, Comfort those menaced by violence and those oppressed by uncertainty.

May your Holy Spirit of love make fruitful the witness and the blood of those who die forgiving.

Father, forgive those who persecute your servants; for they know not what they do. Amen.

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