Photo – Kappalottam (Sailing vessel procession) – Kuravilangad Church – Moonnu Nombu Thirunal – 2018


Photo credits: Kuravilangad Church Facebook Page

Video – Kappalottam (Sailing vessel procession) – Kuravilangad Church – Moonnu Nombu Thirunal – 2018

Sailing Vessel Procession – Kuravilangad Church

Historically famous “Kappalottam” (a sailing vessel pompously carried to commemorate the journey of Prophet Jonah), on the second day. The ceremonial procession on the second day of the feast when the replica of the vessel used by prophet Jonah of the OT is taken out is the main attraction of the feast. The people of the Kadapoor locality has the privilege to carry the vessel during the procession.

It is a special feature of  Moonnu Nombu ( 3 days fast)  at world-famous Marian pilgrim center, St. Mary’s Forane Church, Kuravilangad.  It is in Meenachil Taluk, 22 km north of Kottayam, on the eastern side of M.C. Road. Martha Mariam Church belongs to the diocese of Palai. “Moonnu Noimbu” is the main feast of the church. Three days fast have known also as the Rogation of Ninevites, a movable feast celebrated on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, three weeks prior to the beginning of Lent. Thousands of people from all over Kerala come to this three-days-feast. Another very special feature is “Aana  Ezhunnalippu” (procession with an elephant in front).

Tradition is that Muthiamma appeared to the children on the second day of Moonnu Nombu.


Credits: Kuravilangad Church Official Facebook Page with their permission.